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Advantages of WPC Doors and Disadvantages of WPC Door

The performance and environmental protection of WPC Door materials have been strictly tested, providing a safe guarantee for home use. Wood-plastic doors have good mechanical properties and can be machined like wood. They are hard, tough, durable, and wear-resistant.

Buzhoushan WPC Door factory explains the Advantages and Disadvantages  of WPC Doors
Buzhoushan WPC Door factory explains the Advantages and Disadvantages of WPC Doors

Advantages of WPC doors

  • WPC doors are very environmentally friendly. The raw materials used in WPC doors are formed under high temperature, high pressure and vacuum conditions. The material does not contain formaldehyde. The heat transfer technology is used in the secondary processing, free of paint, and no toxic and harmful gases and odors are released during production and use. A class of environmentally friendly building materials and decoration products. Using WPC doors is a small contribution to the ecological environment.
  • WPC doors are waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, moth-proof, and not deformed. Wood-plastic products have dual characteristics of wood and plastic, so wood-plastic suit doors are not only suitable for indoor doors, but also especially suitable for places with large temperature differences, humidity, and poor ventilation, such as wet bathrooms and kitchens, and places that require anti-corrosion, mildew, and Mothproof storage rooms and warehouses.
  • WPC door has high strength. The WPC door has a reasonable structure, high strength and a special cavity structure design, which ensures the ideal internal structure of the wood-plastic foam material. In addition, Buzhoushan WPC door manufacturer’s excellent formula design and reasonable production process ensure the strength of the WPC door.
There are many advantages of WPC door, it can be used as your office door
There are many advantages of WPC door, it can be used as your office door

WPC doors More Advantages

  • WPC door fast installation structure, WPC door frame installation is very convenient. The door cover line and the door frame are connected by a bayonet, which does not need to be fixed by gun nails or glue, saving time and effort for installation.
  • WPC door has good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. The material used in the wood-plastic door has uniform and fine cells and a specially designed cavity structure, which ensures that its thermal conductivity is lower than that of ordinary plastic materials and its noise reduction performance is good.
  • WPC door has good flame retardant performance. The wood-plastic door does not support combustion when it encounters an open flame, and it will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire. It is a safety-level interior decoration door product.
  • WPC doors can provide ideal screw grip. Buzhoushan WPC doors have extra-thick side walls and the high-density characteristics of WPC. WPC doors can provide very strong screw grip, ensuring the long-term use of the entire door.
Buzhoushan WPC Door factory explains the Advantages and Disadvantages  of WPC Doors
Advantages and Disadvantages of WPC Doors

Disadvantages of wPC doors

  1. WPC doors do not have the texture of natural wood, so wood-plastic doors with heat transfer technology or film coating technology are not like natural wood doors. As a result, it does not resist high temperatures and softens when it is exposed to them.
  2. High temperatures are a problem for WPC doors. During prolonged exposure to high temperatures over 82°C, the WPC doors may soften.
  3. Wood-plastic doors are not well known on the market. There is not yet a very standardized quality standard system for WPC doors, since they are emerging environmental protection products. It is possible for you to buy a counterfeit WPC door.
  4. The style of WPC door is simple. Because it is not suitable for engraving complex or deep patterns, most of the styles are simple, unlike wooden doors with concave and convex, carved and spliced with various styles. If you want to achieve a very complicated design on the door, WPC door is not a good choice.
  5. The size of the WPC door is limited by the production equipment. Although the WPC door is formed at one time, although it is a non-standard door, its size is still limited by the size of the profile.
  6. It is not easy to dispose of WPC doors after they are scrapped, because the plastic molecules contained in them cannot be disposed of without authorization, and harmful gases will be produced after incineration.

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