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What is Fiberglass Doors?

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When it comes to choosing an entry door, fiberglass has emerged as a versatile and durable option. Let’s delve into the world of Buzhoushan Fiberglass Entry Door and explore their unique characteristics. We’ll highlight the benefits and drawbacks of these doors. What is… Read More »What is Fiberglass Doors?

Can WPC be Used in Kitchen?

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Can WPC be used in the kitchen? Yes, WPC is a versatile material suitable for various kitchen applications. Comprising wood fibers blended with thermoplastics like PVC, polypropylene, or polyethylene, WPC offers several benefits for kitchen environments.Termite and fungi resistant WPC… Read More »Can WPC be Used in Kitchen?

Can We Paint on WPC Doors?

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Painting WPC doors is possible, yet not necessary when you choose doors made by Buzhoushan. Buzhoushan’s WPC doors come pre-treated, either painted or PVC-coated, directly from the factory. PVC-coated WPC doors offer versatility in design, allowing for a range of… Read More »Can We Paint on WPC Doors?