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Where Can I Use WPC Doors?

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Where Can I Use WPC Doors? In a world where versatility meets durability, wood-plastic composite (WPC) doors emerge as a prime solution for an array of settings. Buzhoushan WPC Doors Manufacture stands at the forefront, offering a stellar combination of… Read More »Where Can I Use WPC Doors?

Can We Paint on WPC Doors?

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Painting WPC doors is possible, yet not necessary when you choose doors made by Buzhoushan. Buzhoushan’s WPC doors come pre-treated, either painted or PVC-coated, directly from the factory. PVC-coated WPC doors offer versatility in design, allowing for a range of… Read More »Can We Paint on WPC Doors?

Is WPC Door Fireproof?

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Are WPC doors fireproof? Yes, WPC doors are indeed fireproof and flame retardant. With a B1 flame retardant rating, the flame retardant time of WPC doors exceeds 1 hour. This makes them a safe choice as they do not support… Read More »Is WPC Door Fireproof?