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587 Tubular Knob Lock

Doorknobs are being used in different companies for years. Almost each and every house or office has doorknobs installed to their doors. The main reason why people prefer doorknobs for internal use is that these locks provide decent security and they also look pretty.

587 tubular knob lock


1. Entrance , Privacy , passage are available.

2. Fit all standard doors form 1-3/8 to 1-3/4 (35mm to 45mm) thickness . Also fit 2”(50mm) thickness doors upon request .

3. Brass knob , Stainless Steel knob and Wooden knob are available .

4. 65mm Rosette .

5.Fixed 2-3/8 or 2-3/4(60mm or 70mm) backset latch .

6.US3 , US5 , US10B , US15 , US15A , US26 and US26D finishes available 7.Brass cylinder with nickel plated brass key and 5-pin tumbler mechanism


packaging picture

Multiple color selection table:

Multiple color selection table for cylinderical door knob lock

Full Set of Product

587 tubular door knob lock

587 door knob lock specification

587 door knob lock ET PS BK DUMMY FUNCTIONS

door knob lock usage door usage



Set up method

1. Backset size with a 2 3/4″ inch face, 1 1/8″ inch x 2 1/4″ inch

2. This product is 201/304 stainless steel material and used in residential home not commercial

3. Dual threaded spin on rosettes

4. Could be Classroom/entrance/privacy/passage/dummy function


Door Knob Lock Functions

Entry knob function.
Entry function are the most popular type of entrance locks. The lock is unlocked by key from the outside, or with a turn of the door knob from the inside. The inside knob is always unlocked, so you can exit the house without unlocking the knob. The lock function is considered more secure because you can quickly leave the house by just turning the knob. The inside is locked by push button. When you turn the inner knob, the button releases automatically, so you won’t lock yourself out. Press the lock button on your way out and the door will lock behind you.

Storeroom Knob Function

Storeroom lock is typically used on an outside storage closet or storage room. This lock has a fixed knob on the exterior and always remains locked. The only way to unlock the door is with a key. The inside knob has no thumbturn and always remains unlocked.

Passage knob function
Passage knob sets do not lock. They are generally used for hall or closet doors where a lock is not required. Sometimes passage knobs are used along with a deadbolt for a locking door. Passage knobs are suitable for interior or exterior use

Privacy knob function
Privacy door knobs are generally used on bedrooms and bathrooms. Privacy knobs lock, but it is not a keyed security lock. privacy knobs can be locked from the inside with a turn button in the knob. Can be unlocked from the outside with a generic unlocking tool.

Dummy knob Function
Dummy door knobs are just one knob that mounts to the door with a mounting bracket. To use a dummy knob your door must not have the 2-1/8″ hole drilled as you would for a regular knob set. Dummy knobs are the perfect solution for ball catch doors or other applications where a latch is not needed, but the look of a doorknob is desired.

All lock functions include all the needed mounting hardware. Entrance, passage and privacy knob sets are full sets and include knobs for both sides of the door, latch, 3-way faceplate, strikeplate and mounting screws


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