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What are the Performance Characteristics of WPC Doors?

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What are the properties and features of WPC doors? The wood plastic door has the following excellent properties:

What are the performance characteristics of WPC doors?

Environmentally Friendly WPC Door

Environmental protection—WPC doors are anti-ultraviolet, non-radiation, antibacterial, free of formaldehyde, ammonia and other harmful substances, the content of soluble heavy metals is far lower than the Chinese environmental protection standards and European standards, non-toxic and odor-free pollution can be moved in immediately after decoration , is a real green product.

Environmentally friendly wood plastic door

The Authenticity of WPC Doors

Authenticity—The appearance of the wood-plastic door has the effect of natural wood grain, natural beauty, comfortable texture, and a simple feeling of returning to nature.

The Convenience of WPC Doors

Convenience—The WPC doors we produce are fully packaged, the WPC door frame structure is easy to assemble, and the whole is easy to transport and install.

Stability Features of WPC Doors

Stability—WPC doors are resistant to strong acid and alkali, waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, flame-retardant, etc.

The WPC doors have many advantages, such as waterproof, anti-moth-eaten, strong sound insulation and so on.

Diversity of WPC Doors

Diversity—WPC doors are suitable for both ordinary rooms and special environments, such as bathrooms that require waterproof functions and offices that require mute functions.

Wide Range of Wood Plastic Doors

Wide range —WPC doors are suitable for bedrooms, offices, kitchens, toilets, schools, hospitals, sports fields, shopping malls, laboratories, bathing places and other environments.

WPC doors are the best choice for your bathroom door

The Uniqueness of WPC Doors

Uniqueness—WPC door is a material made of wood fiber and plastic mixed with heating and fusion injection molding. It does not use any glue, does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and cyanobenzene, and avoids decoration pollution.

Safety of Wood Plastic Doors

Safety—WPC doors have water resistance that can be “used in water for a long time”, with strong impact resistance and no cracking.

The Comfort of Wood Plastic Doors

Comfort—WPC door sound insulation, insulation, anti-oil pollution, anti-static.

Comfort---WPC door sound insulation, insulation, anti-oil pollution, anti-static.

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