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A Comprehensive Guide for Buying Door Knobs – Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to Buzhoushan Company, where we offer high-quality door hardware to keep your home secure and stylish. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of door knobs and factors to consider when choosing the right one for your needs. They’re a small purchase, but doorknobs play a key role in keeping your home safe (pun intended) and protecting the privacy of your entire house. In addition to being practical, they can enhance the decor of a room if you so choose.

Our interior door knobs are designed for use inside your home, and we have a variety of options to suit your needs.
Our interior door knobs are designed for use inside your home, and we have a variety of options to suit your needs.

No matter what kind of doorknob you want, it will be easier to find a handle that suits your needs and preferences if you have a clear idea of what you’re getting into. The buyer’s guide below will help you find the best handle, lever or doorknob.

Types of door handles

Different doorknobs serve different purposes, so one of the first things you should determine when looking for a doorknob is the type of doorknob you need.

Door handles fall into two main categories: handles for interior doors and handles for exterior doors. Within each category, there are also many knob subtypes to consider.

interior door handle

Interior door handles are designed to be used on doors inside the house. This is still a fairly broad category as it includes all bedrooms, bathrooms, utility rooms and closets. The average consumer typically has different needs for closet door handles than bathroom door handles, so different interior door handle categories cater to different preferences.

587 door knob lock antique brass

Privacy Knob:

Any door in your home that you want to lock should have a privacy knob. These are most commonly used in bedrooms and bathrooms to keep roommates or family members from accidentally walking in at inopportune times. They do not contain keys, only the locks on the knobs themselves. These locks are not secure enough to deter potential home intruders and should not be used on exterior doors.

Channel Knob:

Passage knobs are typically used in any room where privacy is not important, such as a closet or hallway. These don’t have a lock, but you can still turn the handle like most door handles to open the door.

Virtual Knob:

Virtual knobs may resemble channel knobs, but these are knobs that you don’t actually have to turn to use. They’re often used in cabinets or appliances that don’t require a latch to open, but having something to grab when opening them adds some convenience. These should only be used where a doorknob is not strictly required, but having one is decorative or adds some slight convenience.

exterior door handle

door knob lock usage

Exterior door handles have a bigger job to do than interior door handles. In most homes, they are the main barrier between the house and any unwanted people. Exterior door handles need to be strong, reliable, and have a working lock.

There are two main options in this category.

Keyed Input Knob:

The most common option for exterior door handles is the keyed entry handle. With this type of doorknob, a key for a unique lock can be made for each resident, keeping people out without the right key.

The key entry knob can be locked from the inside or the outside. They usually require a key to lock from the outside, but usually not from the inside. Some keyed entry door handles come with locksets that also include deadbolts for extra security.

Keyless entry:

A more modern option that is gaining popularity is keyless entry. These include a security lock, but instead of using a key to lock and unlock them, a pre-programmed digital code or smart technology is used to do so. These are handy for those who tend to forget their keys, or who want to let more friends and family in without having to make a lot of extra keys.

Choose Buzhoushan Company for high-quality door knobs that prioritize both functionality and style.
Choose Buzhoushan Company for high-quality door knobs that prioritize both functionality and style.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Door Knob

In addition to figuring out what type of doorknob you need, there are many other important factors you should consider to make sure you choose the right one for you.


One of the most important considerations for exterior door handles is safety. The lock on your entry door handle is the major barrier between your home and would-be intruders, so you have to be confident it will do the trick. Most entry door handles are tested by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a third-party organization, and provide a rating to help you determine their safety.

Level 1 is the highest level available and is typically used for commercial purposes. You can rely on first class door handles to keep you safe. Level 2 means the door handle still performs well and is probably suitable for most residential uses, while Level 3 means it only offers a basic level of security and may only be used for interior door handles. If you’re concerned about the possibility of burglary, looking for a primary or secondary door handle can provide peace of mind.

Privacy: Buzhoushan’s Interior Door Knobs Ensure a Harmonious Living Environment

While exterior doorknobs have the important responsibility of providing security for your home, the duty of many interior doorknobs is to ensure the privacy of the occupants of the home. The ability to lock the door when you’re in the bathroom or changing clothes in the morning can save family members or roommates from embarrassment or discomfort from an unexpected break-in.

While the privacy of rooms in your home is not as important as keeping intruders out, using the right door handle to provide the level of privacy you need can ensure a happier, more harmonious living environment.

In addition to security, we also recommend considering factors such as style, durability, and ease of installation when choosing the right door knob for your home.
In addition to security, we also recommend considering factors such as style, durability, and ease of installation when choosing the right door knob for your home.

Cost: Wide Range of Options for Every Budget

Doorknobs can range in cost from less than $5 for a fairly simple interior lock, to over $500 for a high-quality exterior lock made of exceptionally fine materials. Most customers will likely settle for something in the $10-$100 range, and even within that range, you have plenty of options.

If you’re looking to find a doorknob that meets your needs without breaking the bank, you shouldn’t have much problem. However, if you want something particularly high-quality or a door handle with just the right style, you should be prepared to pay more.

Locking Mechanism: Personalized Security

We’ve discussed the two main types of locking mechanisms for exterior door handles in the types section: keyed and keyless. Lockable interior door handles are sometimes keyed, but more often they offer a push button or thumb turn to lock.

The locking mechanism usually doesn’t have much effect on how well the doorknob locks, it’s just a matter of personal preference. When it comes to interior door handles, you always want to look for door handles with an emergency release so you can open the door if it gets stuck.

Measurements: Perfect Fit for Your Door

If you’re replacing a doorknob on an existing door, it’s important to take all the required measurements before buying. The main measurements you should determine are:

  • Backset – The distance from the edge of the door to the center of the handle. Typically this will be 2 3/8 inches or 2 ¾ inches.
  • Cross Hole — A hole in the edge of the door frame. This is usually about 2 1/8 inches.
  • Door Thickness – Typically between 1 ¼ inches and 3 inches, exterior doors are usually thicker than interior doors.
door knob lock usage

A range of measurements are available for many doorknobs, but even so, taking all the measurements before starting the serious search will allow you to narrow your search down to the knob, saving you time and effort ahead of time to find the right door for you.

Ease of Installation: Simple and Straightforward

Door handles are relatively simple to install, so most customers with even basic DIY skills will have little trouble installing them. Still, if you’re an amateur handyman, you don’t want to make your job harder than it has to be.

Online reviews are often quick to comment on how difficult the installation process was and how good (or not) the instructions that came with the door handle. If you’re concerned about your ability to install a particular doorknob yourself, see what others have to say before you buy.

Ease of Use: Perfect for Everyone

For the most part, door handles don’t present many usability issues, but there are a few that are worth keeping in mind. People with arthritis can have a hard time turning knobs, so using a handle will make life easier.

For entry doors, some people will find it easier to remember a combination than to carry a key with them, while others prefer a key to having to remember something. It all depends on what works best for you. Beyond that, most doorknobs should be so simple that just about anyone can understand and use them.

Style & Shape: Fit Every Aesthetic

Door handles come in a variety of styles. For those who are primarily concerned with function rather than form, you can find plenty of affordable, basic door handles that don’t draw too much attention. But for anyone looking for something a little more ornate, or to match the specific style of the room around them, you can find doorknobs in a variety of designs and styles – from contemporary to contemporary to classic to rustic and more . You’ll also find many different options when it comes to knob shapes, including round, egg, tulip, and octagonal, just to name a few.

If finding a doorknob with the right aesthetic is important to you, take some time to browse to get a clear idea of what’s there before choosing any one item. With a variety of options to choose from, there’s a good chance you’ll find the one that best suits your needs.

Colors and Finishes

In addition to the wide variety of styles, you can also choose from a wide range of colors. While most door handles come in more neutral colors like black, brown, silver, and gray; many are distinctive, including red, blue, floral designs—you name it. If you want a doorknob that brings a little extra color to the space, don’t think you have to settle for neutrals.

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