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E Type Extension – WPC DOOR FRAME

Buzhoushan presents its E-Type Extension for WPC Door Frame, an innovative product designed to provide additional flexibility and customization options for your WPC door frame projects. Made of high-quality WPC material, this extension seamlessly matches and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your WPC door frame.

With the E-Type Extension, you can extend the height of your existing WPC door frame to suit your project requirements, without the need for costly and time-consuming reinstallation. It is also suitable for those who prefer taller door frames for better functionality and aesthetics.

This product is easy to install, requiring only basic tools and equipment, making it a practical and efficient solution for wholesalers and importers. Buzhoushan guarantees its durability and long-lasting performance, making it a sound investment for your WPC door frame projects.

Whether you’re a wholesaler or importer looking to add value to your product offerings or a contractor seeking a flexible solution for your WPC door frame projects, the E-Type Extension from Buzhoushan is an excellent choice. Get yours today and take your WPC door frame projects to the next level of customization and flexibility.


Characteristics WPC WOOD
Moistures Resistance waterproof water absorptive
Rot Resistance Antisepsis Rot except special treating
Split Resistance No cracked Cracked by weathering effect
Distortion Resistance Almost no Contraction/expansion Distorting effected by change of the condition
Fading Resistance Almost no Easy to fade
Durable/Longevity more than 10-15years less than 3years
Various Configuration Extruded via various mould simplex
Environment Effect Recyclable 100% Consume Woods
Antiflaming yes no


Item 100E 120E 140E With extention frame
Wall 100-115MM 120-135MM 140-155MM 140mm-200mm