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What are the Quality Indicators of WPC Doors

Do you know the What are the Quality Indicators of WPC Doors? Many people misunderstand that WPC doors are made directly from wood. In fact, WPC is the best ultra-fine wood powder and PVC resin, which is made by adding some auxiliary materials according to the proportion and vacuum extrusion.

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Like other interior doors, the quality of WPC doors has an index value that needs to be achieved. Let us introduce the quality indicators of WPC doors:

How to obtain WPC door samples:

For WPC Door products, the actual thickness of the selected sample is clearly stipulated in the “Preparation of Test Parts” to adopt the method of mechanical processing to cut off the 100mm wide edge of the longitudinal sides of the door plate and then sample evenly.

WPC door quality indicators: environmental protection, formaldehyde-free

The wood-plastic door is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving interior door product that uses formaldehyde-free wood-plastic composite profiles as the main material and is processed according to advanced synthesis technology. Its outstanding main features are environmental protection and no formaldehyde.

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WPC door quality index: flame retardant performance

According to the incineration treatment characteristics test of wood-plastic profile building materials, the incineration treatment status is similar to that of wood, but it is more flame-retardant than wood. WPC Doors will not burn in case of fire, and will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire.

WPC door quality index: heat preservation, noise reduction and sound insulation performance is good

The materials used in wood-plastic doors have well-proportioned and fine cells and a specially designed cavity structure, which ensures that its thermal conductivity is lower than that of ordinary plastic materials and its noise reduction characteristics are good.

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WPC door quality indicators: anti-degradation and other technical indicators

Because WPC products are exposed to light and heat for a long time during use, if the anti-degradation properties are not good, the surface of the product is easy to age and degrade.

As long as the quality of the wood-plastic door meets the standard, it will be durable and have a long service life, which is beyond doubt, and the installation is convenient and quick, saving a lot of trouble.

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The above is the information that Buzhoushan WPC Manufacturers have sorted out for you, and I hope it will be of some help to you.

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