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What are MDF Panels?

What are MDF Panels? MDF the full name of Medium Density Fiberboard, is a board made of wood fibers or other plant fibers as raw materials, prepared from fibers, applied with synthetic resin, and pressed under conditions of heat and pressure.
Density Fiberboard, According to its density, it can be divided into high density fiberboard, medium density fiberboard and low density fiberboard. Among them, the nominal density range of medium density fiberboard is 650Kg/m³-800Kg/m³
Due to its uniform structure, fine material, stable performance, impact resistance and easy processing, density board is widely used in domestic furniture, decoration, musical instruments and packaging.

MDF is an affordable option. The material is strong and easy to shape and cut. Medium density fiberboard is often used because of its smooth, even surface finish.

Main advantages of MDF Panels

  1. MDF is easy to be painted. All kinds of coatings and paints can be evenly applied on the density board, which is the preferred base material for paint effects.
  2. MDF is another beautiful decorative board.
  3. Various materials such as veneer, printing paper, PVC, tape film, melamine impregnated paper and light metal sheets can be decorated on the surface of density board.
  4. After punching and drilling, hard density boards can also be made into sound-absorbing panels, which can be used in building decoration projects.
  5. The physical properties are excellent, the material is uniform, and there is no dehydration problem.

Main disadvantages of MDF Panels

  1. The biggest disadvantage of density board is that it is not moisture-proof and will swell when exposed to water. If exposed to water for an extended period of time, it will swell and lose structural integrity. It is not the best choice for areas prone to high humidity.
  2. Density board has a large expansion rate and deformation when exposed to water, and its long-term load-bearing deformation is greater than that of homogeneous solid wood particle board.
    Although the moisture resistance of density board is poor, the surface of density board is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the edges are firm, and it is easy to shape, avoiding problems such as decay and insect infestation. It is superior to particleboard in terms of bending strength and impact strength, and the surface of the board is very decorative, especially in appearance compared to solid wood furniture.
  3. The density board has poor nail-holding power. Because the fibers of the density board are very fragmented, the nail-holding power of the density board is much worse than that of solid wood boards and particleboards.

MDF panels furniture maintenance

  1. The surface of furniture must be wiped with a clean soft cloth. It is best to apply special furniture wax regularly for maintenance, preferably once a month.
  2. The electroplated furniture hardware should be kept dry and clean, and wiped frequently with a soft dry cloth to ensure its gloss and no rust.
  3. It is not advisable to hit the surface with heavy or hard objects or cut things directly on the surface to prevent damage to the surface of the furniture, nor to push the furniture on the ground.
  4. Try to prevent children from jumping and playing on furniture to avoid damaging the furniture supporting structure.
  5. Pay attention to the smoothness of the ground when placing it.

Notes on MDF Panels

  1. Always keep the density board dry and clean, do not wash it with a large amount of water, and be careful to avoid local immersion of the density board in water for a long time. If there are oil stains and stains on the density board, pay attention to remove them in time. You can use a mild household mild neutral detergent and warm water to deal with it. It is best to use a special density board cleaning and protection solution matched with the density board. Do not use corrosive liquids such as alkaline water and soapy water to contact the surface of the density board, and do not use flammable substances such as gasoline and other high-temperature liquids to wipe the density board.
  2. It is recommended to place a stepping pad at the door to prevent dust particles from being brought in and damage the density board; overweight items should be placed stably; when moving furniture, do not drag it, it is better to lift it.
  3. Please use household detergent to clean stains and oil stains on the surface of the density board. Do not use a large amount of water to clean the density board. If there are stains on the surface of the density board, you can generally wipe it dry with a non-drip mop. If it is stained with chocolate, grease, juice, drinks, etc., just wipe it with warm water and neutral detergent. If it is contaminated by lipstick, crayon, ink, etc., just wipe it gently with methanol or acetone.
  4. In winter, you should pay attention to increasing the humidity on the surface of the density board. Use a damp mop to mop the floor to appropriately increase the surface humidity, which can effectively solve the gaps and cracks in the density board. If cracks occur in individual locations, please notify the sales unit in time to fill in the parts. After filling, increase the surface humidity appropriately to facilitate the recovery of the density board.
  5. The density board should try to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight and long-term exposure to high-temperature artificial light sources to prevent the surface of the density board from drying out and aging in advance. Keep the windows closed during the rainy season to prevent the rain from soaking the density board. At the same time, pay attention to indoor ventilation, dissipate indoor moisture, and maintain normal indoor temperature, which is also conducive to extending the life of the density board.

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