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WPC Door Better Life, Not Only Waterproof

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s requirements for quality of life are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the types of doors currently on the market are more abundant. Among them, the wood-plastic door is an emerging category. Today, I will introduce the wood-plastic door to you.

WPC Door Better Life, Not Only Waterproof
WPC Door Better Life, Not Only Waterproof

One. What is a Wood-Plastic Door ?

WPC Doors are a type of doors that have appeared in the door industry market in recent years. To understand how wood-plastic doors are, you must first understand this new type of door.

Wood-plastic doors are mainly made of wood ultra-fine powder mixed with polymer resin and manufactured through a molding process.

Because the main material of wood-plastic door is PVC resin and high-quality wood powder, wood-plastic door has the advantages of both wood and plastic, and its imitation wood effect is hard to distinguish; the biggest feature of wood-plastic door is environmental protection, which is an alternative to traditional Wood is a green and environmentally friendly new material.

WPC doors are better than other types of doors
WPC doors are better than other types of doors

Second. WPC Door Surface Treatment Process

How about WPC Doors? We learned from Buzhoushan WPC door factory that the surface treatment of wood-plastic doors adopts thermal transfer printing process, and various graphics are transferred on the extruded boards, so that the products have a variety of high-grade wood grains and colors, and always meet the needs of the market and various fashion trends.

Three. Features of WPC Doors

  1. There is no toxic and harmful gas and odor released during the production and use of the wood-plastic suit door, which meets the environmental protection standards of modern home decoration and interior decoration;
  2. Wood-plastic doors have the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, mildew-proof, insect-proof, and no deformation. In addition to being used as indoor doors, they are also suitable for places with large temperature differences, humidity, and poor ventilation, such as sanitary napkins, storage rooms, etc.;
  3. The structure design of the wood-plastic door is reasonable, the formula is excellent, the production technology is advanced, and the strength is high;
  4. The wood-plastic door adopts a quick-installation structure design, which saves time and effort for installation;
  5. The material used in the wood-plastic suit door has uniform and fine cells and a specially designed cavity structure, which is very good in terms of heat preservation and sound insulation;
  6. The wood-plastic suit door does not support combustion when it encounters an open flame, and it will automatically extinguish after leaving the fire. Therefore, it has good flame retardancy and meets the fire prevention requirements of modern homes.
WPC Doors bring a better life experience
WPC Doors bring a better life experience

Home Hotline Reviews

Since the wood-plastic door just appeared not long ago, its proportion in the current market is still very small, but because of its characteristics that traditional doors do not have, such as waterproof, non-deformable, and non-combustible, its market prospect is still quite broad. I hope that you have a certain understanding of wood-plastic doors through the above introduction, and you may wish to consider them when choosing.


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