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WPC Doors vs. Wooden Doors: Which Is Best for Homes?

If you’re looking to renovate your home without compromising its aesthetics, you need to be aware of the significant differences between traditional wood doors and modern composite doors.

Composite doors consist of different materials. Wooden doors, on the other hand, consist entirely of wooden materials. Wooden doors are made from a single material and cannot match the superior performance offered by composite doors.

Composite doors are manufactured through new technology and new equipment, which often have the excellent quality of traditional doors while eliminating the shortcomings of traditional doors.

There is no doubt that wooden products are perfect for classic or heritage properties. This is the main reason why many sought-after aesthetic homeowners tend to use wood doors for both interior and exterior doors.

When it comes to WPC doors vs. wooden doors, it can be said that there are many factors to consider when deciding which is best for your home. But first, we need to understand them individually and analyze their features and benefits.

We’ll also walk you through comparing WPC doors to wood doors and help you decide which door is best for your home.

Wood Plastic Door (WPC Door)

WPC Doors vs. Wooden Doors: Which Is Best for Homes?

WPC, short for Wood Plastic Composite, is a door made of a unique composition of wood material and thermoplastic.

WPC doors are generally eco-friendly, non-toxic, and have high durability and strength. These types of doors can be used as both inner and outer doors.

WPC doors help you enjoy the modern performance of your new entry door without compromising the look.

Wood plastic composite or WPC doors are characterized by being environmentally friendly and these doors are easy to recycle.

Outstanding Features of WPC Doors

WPC doors have outstanding features that make them different from other types of doors such as uPVC doors, aluminium doors, glass doors or wooden doors made of a single material.

Mentioned below are some of the excellent properties exhibited by WPC doors:

  1. The WPC door can be easily cleaned with water. These types of doors are water and moisture resistant and suitable for use as exterior doors.
  2. These doors are antibacterial, antiseptic and insect resistant, which means they will not be damaged by bugs.
  3. The composite door has high strength and durability.
  4. It can last for a long time (45-50 years).
  5. It can be painted so you can easily customize your interior door with a smooth finish.
  6. Environmental protection, no secondary pollution, recyclable.

Advantages and disadvantages of WPC doors

The pros of WPC doors outweigh the cons, making them the first choice when shopping for a door.


  1. 100% Eco-Friendly
  2. high strength
  3. durable
  4. easy to maintain
  5. Easy to customize
  6. last longer
  7. Lightweight construction
  8. High temperature and moisture resistance
  9. non-toxic
  10. High tensile strength
  11. Withstands high humidity and humidity levels


  1. No natural wood structure
  2. More heat resistant than wooden doors

Application of wood plastic door

Composite doors are a combination of different elements to create stylish and strong front and rear doors for your property. Wood plastic composite doors or WPC doors combine different materials such as wood, uPVC and laminated door skins to provide high quality doors that will last for many years.

WPC doors can be seen being used in office apartments, commercial buildings, residents and hospitals.

Wooden Door

Wooden doors are traditional doors made of wood. They are heavy and require regular maintenance.

Wooden doors are traditional doors made of wood. They are heavy and require regular maintenance.

These types of doors are durable, so they are often used as entry doors for residences. Also, wooden doors can be seen being used as interior doors as they enhance the look of the room.

While there are not many varieties of wood doors, nor are they as dynamic as modern composite doors, their strength and natural wood appearance are factors that make them still loved by homeowners to this day.

Wooden doors are also 100% eco-friendly and will not produce any pollution. These doors have been in use for a long time and continue to be used with new advancements.

Types of wood doors, including solid doors, solid wood doors and hollow doors, can be used anywhere.

Features of wooden doors

Among uPVC doors, aluminum doors, composite doors and glass doors, it can be seen that wooden doors are used more as inner and outer doors. Wooden doors are indeed the ideal door type for interior and exterior doors.

Here are some amazing features of wooden doors:

  1. Superior strength and durability
  2. beautiful appearance
  3. Soundproofing
  4. fireproof
  5. Provide more security

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors


  1. Wooden entry doors look great. Wooden doors have a natural touch.
  2. Wooden doors are very strong, strong and durable.
  3. These types of doors can last a long time if properly maintained.
  4. Wooden doors are excellent natural insulators (PS: they provide great soundproofing qualities).
Advantages and disadvantages of wooden doors


  1. Wooden doors need more maintenance
  2. May be attacked by bugs and insects
  3. expensive
  4. These are heavy
  5. Severely damaged beyond repair
  6. Difficult and time consuming to replace
  7. Low resistance to humidity and temperature changes, so you may want to think twice before using them as an entrance to your property.

Wooden door application

Wooden doors are the most common type of door used in almost every field, including:

  • Family
  • School
  • health department
  • commercial buildings, etc.

WPC Doors vs Wooden Doors: Cost

While appearance may be important to some homeowners, cost is a major concern for most of them. They prefer doors that are of good quality and within their budget.

When it comes to the prices of these two types of doors, WPC doors tend to be a little more expensive than wooden doors.

While wooden doors are also made from different qualities of wood, some high-quality doors made from wood materials such as wood may cost more.

In addition, although the initial cost of wooden doors is cheaper, and the initial cost of high-quality WPC doors is higher, wooden doors require relatively more maintenance, so ongoing maintenance may lead to higher costs.

WPC doors are a new invention, and their production is limited compared to other wooden doors, so their prices are correspondingly more expensive.

WPC doors and wooden doors: better noise reduction

In terms of noise reduction, both the wooden door and the WPC door perform well compared to other doors on the market.

However, composite doors will maintain their noise reduction properties over time, while wooden doors will not.

WPC vs. Wooden Doors: Safety and Security

Although people have long been more accustomed to using wooden doors, they are susceptible to cracking, rot and mold caused by the environment, and can be damaged by insect attacks.

This is not the case with WPC doors. They are much safer than wooden doors, and their life expectancy is longer. They have extremely high weather resistance, strong hardware grip, high density and strength, which can protect your safety to a high degree.

WPC and Wooden Doors: Installation and Replacement

Buzhoushan WPC doors adopt a modular design and are very easy to install and replace.

Because wooden doors are not modular in design, most of the time they require someone with extensive experience to install them completely.

WPC Doors vs. Wooden Doors: Durability and Flexibility

The durability of wooden doors is based on proper maintenance and a suitable external environment. In the past, wooden doors were very durable, but in the new era of new technologies, wooden doors are far behind WPC doors.

WPC doors are extremely durable, they are waterproof, flame retardant, anti-corrosion, termite proof and will not crack. WPC is not affected by the external environment and can last for 50 years with only minimal maintenance. It is currently the champion of this track.

WPC Doors vs Wooden Doors: Which is Right for You?

WPC doors will not rot, and are termite-resistant, with weather resistance far exceeding that of wooden doors.
WPC doors will not rot, and are termite-resistant, with weather resistance far exceeding that of wooden doors.

Now that we have a good understanding of these two types of doors, which one is the best?

Well, it depends on your needs!

If you want a better display of your property, are more artistic, like the antique look, need better insulation, and maintenance is not really an issue, then wood doors are for you.

However, if you are driven by a modern look, want to customize your room with the door, need a door that lasts longer and requires less maintenance, then WPC doors are for you.

If you’ve made up your mind to explore a range of wooden doors, don’t forget to contact BUZHOUSHAN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. We are just a phone call away and ready to help you.

Finally, knowing your needs, you’ll have a clear idea of ​​which door is best for you.


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