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Frequently Asked Question!

Is WPC better than wood?

WPC is split resistant and splinter free while natural wood is not. WPC is more durable and weather resistant than natural wood. WPC is not affected by water, snow or heat. WPC is a hybrid material which has the quality of wood and ease of working like plastic.

What are the uses and benefits of Wood Plastic Composite?

The material is very easy to maintain and clean. The material is resistant to ultraviolet light and its color does not fade easily. WPC Board is highly durable and is not affected by rain, snow, or peak summer conditions.

How good are WPC doors?

WPC doors offered by us are highly robust as they are highly resistant to decay, rot, or warp like other timber used in furniture and interior designing. Plus, they are maintenance-free material because it remains unaffected by the climate conditions and untouched by water, fire, and other chemicals.

What are WPC doors?

WHAT IS WPC DOORS? WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) made from a unique combination of wood fiber and new plastic. WPC Door is a new green material that can be recycled. It offers the best advantages of plastic and wood.WPC doors are usually eco-friendly, non-toxic, and display high durability and strength. These types of doors can be used both as interior as well as exterior doors.

Which is better WPC or PVC doors?

WPC has more versatility in terms of density as compared to PVC. PVC is a costlier option as compared to WPC. WPC has more strength as compared to PVC. WPC is an extremely carpenter-friendly material whereas.

How long is your delivery time?

We have advanced technology, experienced workers and strict quality control points to ensure good product quality from raw materials to finished products, our delivery time depends on your order quantity. Usually the order production time is 30-45 days. Talk to our experts for more details!